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大家回答都对,但是英语不能这样书写,应该是 I know I'm a little girl. 最好按汉语习惯翻译为 “我明白自己是个小女孩”。

When I was just a little girl I asked my mother, What will I be Will I be pretty?, will I be rich ? Here's what she said to me: Que Sera Sera Whatever will be, will be The future's not ours to see Que Sera Sera,what will be wil...

Die Young-Ke$ha I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums 我听到你的心像低音鼓一样砰砰响起 Oh what a shame that you came here with someone 噢,你真没劲,出来混还拉个伴 So while you're here in my arms 所以当你还在我的怀抱 ...

ittle和small的意思都是“斜,有些人就会容易混淆,什么时候用little,什么时候用small,他们没有一个清晰的指引。其实little和small虽然意思一样,但是它所蕴涵的感情色彩是有区别的: ² small主要指的是“尺寸”、“重量”等,词的本身不带任...

摇摇头 敷衍 Young Turks - Axel Force 只因喜欢你 - 软硬天师/周美茵 Forever Young 青春永驻 - Tune Up! 不怕不怕 (Beat That Mosquito Remix La Tribu Della Notte (Club Mix Shoot Your Shot - Mascara Mass Don't Stop The Rock 2.5 - Mur...

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Women Of The World (Go On Strike ) - Begin Again United girls united girls Get united girls united girls Get united girls What if the women of the world Went on strike What if they finally decided To end this fight And becaus...

little fat girl happy birthday 小胖妞生日快乐。 ------------------------------------- 谢谢采纳哦~

a little bit of meat:一点点肉。 but not fat:但并不肥胖。 and love to laugh the best girl:且喜欢嘲笑最好的女孩。

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