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are both 填这个

who are

打*的是比较常用的 \r\n \r\n \r\nfuck* \r\ndamn* \r\nShit* \r\nCocksucker \r\nmotherfucker* \r\nPussy \r\nCunt \r\nAsshole* \r\nFuckhead \r\nFuckface \r\nDick \r\nShitface \r\nAsshole cleaner \r\nFucking bitch* \r\nTits \r\nGod ...


你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . . . 1.The girl (is)Jack's sister. 2.The dog (is)tall and fat. 3.My eyes (are) very big. 4.(Is)your brother in the classroom?

1 cry on my shoulder 2 take me to your heart 3 yesterday once more 4 i want it that way 5 my heart will go on 6 far away from home 7 nothing gonna change my love for you 8 that's why you go away 9 as long as you love me 10 burn...

play 不是一个双宾语动词,根本没有直接或间接宾语。 这句话也有问题。应该是 A boy is playing with a girl and a dog .

该片拍摄于1944年,1946年才上映。二战期间的美国,一个男孩,一个女孩和一条狗在一个空的公寓里,最后成了英雄的K - 9军团的故事 During World War II, a young boy and girl, living with their respective families in an apartment house th...

I am a girl,I like black and purpk,I have a dog,it'svery cute!Look!this is my room!it's very tidy! Do you think so?

错了,那个女孩怎能住在狗里呢,只能说跟狗一块住 in 改成with

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